Every African – Join the movement!

30 Nov








Today we’re proud to unveil ‘Every African’, a global movement that’s mobilising Africans, both men and women, around the world to lead Africa’s development.

Our mission is to unlock the abundant talent and opportunities that abound in Africa but are often overlooked or go untapped. We develop leadership at all levels, support female entrepreneurs and build mass platforms to help African small businesses penetrate new markets. In so doing we challenge entrenched stereotypes of Africa and protect African identity so that future generations can rise to their full potential.

What makes us different?

• We’re a social enterprise with an entrepreneurial development model. We believe this is the best way to harness existing capabilities and create mass opportunities that drive economic independence for the regular person.
• We’re proudly African and seek to leverage Africa’s strengths rather than ‘save’ her.
• We see Africans as best placed to lead decisions concerning their economies, lives and future.
• Africa is not a single gender. We believe women should have an equal opportunity to contribute to the development of their continent.

Check out our online shop ‘Made from Africa’ which was inspired by our wish to share the warm vibrant Africa we love with the rest of the world. It’s also a fantastic platform for providing African small businesses with access to new markets.

Our suppliers are African entrepreneurs, both men and women, who’re using their talent and skills to create quality products and services and in the process setting off a ripple effect of economic benefits across the continent. ‘Every African’ is a movement that’s opening doors and transforming how Africans see themselves and how they’re perceived by the rest of the world. Find out more here and get involved!


Visit http://www.everyafrican.org to support our latest campaign.


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