Let’s talk about Oscar Pristorious

23 Feb

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I must admit I was glad to see the back of Oscar Pristorious, at least for now, so I can finally get some sleep!

After three sleepless nights following live court updates from a time zone nine hours ahead, not to mention the lively debates on Facebook, I was physically and emotionally exhausted and waited in weary anticipation for the big decision.

While the decision to grant bail was a disappointment to many of us, the magistrate gave a well reasoned judgement that was devoid of the emotions the world had become caught up in. In the heat of the moment we all forgot a bail hearing is not about determination of guilt, that’s for the trial.

And so, as we eagerly await what’s sure to be an explosive trial, the spotlight now shines on an issue that’s often swept under the carpet in African societies – violence against women.

Personally, I think the man did it and his story has all the markings of a narcissistic, controlling man who blows his top when he’s not able to control the object of his obsessive affection. The global adulation he’s received recently had no doubt created an air of invincibility.

Under the light walk the key characters that illuminate the complex nature of this discussion:
1.The alleged perpetrator who challenges society’s beliefs of what an abusive person looks like.
2.The Magistrate representing a justice system that often gives unequal treatment to victims and perpetrators.
3.The bumbling ‘African’police who are easily corruptible and undoubtedly swayed by a defendant’s race, wealth and social status.
4.The legal eagle who’s been described as a ‘legal gun for hire’ and represents the best ‘getaway card’ that money can buy.
5.The victim whom many wonder if she stayed too long in the relationship and ignored warning signs.
6.Society, whose opinion holds great sway but is rarely supportive of the victims.

Over the next few weeks we’ll focus on violence against women within the African culture. Please get in touch if you have personal experience and even if you don’t, join the discussions!

Next week an interview with Alice*, ‘This doesn’t happen to people like me.’

*Name has been changed to protect her identity


3 Responses to “Let’s talk about Oscar Pristorious”

  1. Patience February 23, 2013 at 6:33 am #

    Apparently the late Reeva had spoken about wanting to become active in the fight against domestic violence which makes me think she just might have been contemplating getting out of an abusive situation. Women and getting out of a violent situation is a tough one and liken it to a drug addict trying to get clean…it’s tough and though it’s a bad situation women keep going back. And violence against women begins in your first family when you are still a daughter and sister way before you become a girlfriend or wife.

  2. Deph February 23, 2013 at 8:46 am #

    In Africa I grew up hearing the expression ‘money talks’ and as I witnessed in the three continents I have lived it surely does and it’s voice is louder in Africa.I have more faith in karma than the African justice!!

  3. winnie February 23, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    i am not sure why this case has captured my interest to almost absession levels. Never heard of Reeva and didnt pay too much attention to Oscar during Lond Olympics cause I thought he had been given advantage position to run using blades. this is with my little knowledge on what the blade advantages are, but they look fast. I felt as if with this murder his luck for being given special preferance has finally caught up with him and he needs to be punished. i feel a rage welling up at the thought that again he may get away with it. Cant wait for the trial.

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