She will not be silenced

13 Nov

Today we stand firmly behind Tinopona Mapereke Katsande for her courage in speaking out against domestic violence. Whilst she’s received overwhelming support from both women and men, we’ve been shocked at the vitriol directed at her, especially by other women who believe she’s to blame or got what she deserved. This mindset is exactly why bullies continue to believe they can act with impunity.

On Sunday the 11th of November 2012, I joined an alarming and ever increasing group of women who are victims of gender based violence in Zimbabwe.I speak to you now with chipped teeth, bruised ribs, swollen face, blood shot eyes, patches of uprooted hair from the pulling and a heavy heart BUT, I will also hasten to say that I write this statement because I’m alive. I’m a survivor but unfortunately that can’t be said for a lot of women. I’m not an exception, I have unfortunately become the norm. According to the 2005/6 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey nearly 6 in every 10 women surveyed reported having experienced some violence perpetrated against them.

I want to thank everyone who is standing by me during this terrible time but I also ask you to not make it only about Tino. We are on the precipice of the beginning of the 16 days of activism against gender violence. Let’s band together and SAY NO TO VIOLENCE.

Some people keep telling me not to talk about it. Some said keep it at home and ma “domestic”. Someone even said “Chakafukidza dzimba matenga” and I must keep it quiet.

I will not keep quiet, I will never keep quiet.


One Response to “She will not be silenced”

  1. misslinc November 13, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    Devasted. I met TIno sometime in 2011, a friend of my cousins. Can not believe that this something like this has happened to her but I am incredibly glad because of the fact that she has chosen to speak up!!!

    Noone deserves this at all, I hope she presses charges.

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